The goal of the Construction Site Pollutant Control program is to reduce the discharge of sediment and construction materials in local streams, rivers and lakes.  Common construction pollutants include sediment, discarded building materials, concrete truck washout, chemicals, litter and sanitary waste.  Sediment and pollutants from construction site can cause physical, chemical and biological harm to our waterbodies.

The Village adopted a construction site erosion control ordinance on December 19, 2007.  The purpose of the ordinance is to require erosion and sediment controls at construction sites with 4,000 square feet or more of land disturbance. 

Various policies and procedures have been established to assist with implementation of the construction site pollutant control program.  These include:

  1. Permit Application
  2. Plan Review
  3. Financial Guarantee
  4. Permit Issuance
  5. Pre-Construction Conference
  6. Construction Site Inspections
  7. Enforcement Actions, and
  8. Information submitted by the public.