Post Construction

The post-construction management program was developed to control runoff quality and quantity from areas of new development and redevelopment, after construction is completed.  Urban development increases the amount of impervious surfaces as farmland, forests and grasslands are converted to buildings, parking lots and streets.  Impervious surfaces reduce subsurface infiltration and increase surface water runoff, causing stream erosion, flooding, algae, bacteria and aesthetic problems within streams, rivers and lakes.

The Village adopted a post-construction management ordinance on December 19, 2007 to regulate storm water discharges at post-construction sites.   The ordinance establishes sanctions to ensure compliance and provides the necessary inspection and enforcement authority.

The Village has also developed a conversation subdivision ordinance to allow reductions in impervious surface, mimic natural hydrology, and conserve valuable natural resource features.  Several dedicated funding sources to financially support the post-construction storm water management program were also established.  User fees are structured to provide permit applicants with a financial incentive to reduce the amount of impervious surface and comply with the ordinance.

Policies and procedures to assist with implementation of the program have been developed and are as follows:

  1. Permit Application
  2. Plan Review
  3. Maintenance Agreement
  4. Financial Guarantee
  5. Permit Issuance
  6. Tracking Long-Term Maintenance
  7. Enforcement Actions, and
  8. Information Submitted by the Public.