Road Projects


The Village of Little Chute Department of Public Works is constantly undertaking a variety of projects ranging form road construction, water and sewer replacement and storm water management. Throughout the course of the year, road project updates will be available.


Schedule: June 2019 to October 2019

Project Description:

The proposed project consists of reconstructing approximately 5,230 centerline feet of roadway along Evergreen Drive from French Road to Holland Road in the Village of Little Chute, Outagamie County, Wisconsin.  The reconstruction project includes the following: replacement of the existing roadway, removal of any trees within the right-of-way that will be in conflict with utility or paving operation, storm sewer utility installation, sanitary sewer manhole adjustments, water main lowering, future utility stub outs for storm sewer, water main and sanitary sewer, reconstructing all side road intersections to match point, installing concrete curb & gutter, installation of reinforced (doweled) concrete pavement, and associated driveway and lawn restoration work.  The proposed roadway will be converted from a rural to urban typical section and widened from its current width (approximately 23-feet) to be 38-feet from face of curb to face of curb.  The proposed widening will include two (2) 12-foot drive lanes and a 14-foot two-way left turn lane.  The proposed roadway will be contained within the current 66-foot right-of-way.

Updated Weekly Schedule (September 16th to September 20th)


Don Hietpas & Sons has completed the storm sewer utility work on Evergreen Drive between French Road & Holland Road.


Vinton Construction is the general contractor for the Village paving contract on Evergreen Drive. Vinton has completed the road grading portion between French and Holland Roads. Vinton is scheduled to begin placement of concrete pavement (South Side) on Tuesday, September 17th. South side paving will continue through Wednesday September 18th. Paving will begin at French Road and will continue east through the Holland Road intersection. The intersection of Evergreen Drive and Holland Road will be closed on Wed. (9-18-19) and Thurs. (9-19-19). Vinton will gap concrete at driveway locations where necessary to maintain access. Evergreen Drive is an active construction site. For your safety as well as those working in the area, please avoid use when possible. 

Traffic Impacts: EVERGREEN DRIVE WILL BE POSTED AS ONE-WAY TRAFFIC BETWEEN FRENCH ROAD AND HOLLAND ROAD.  All traffic will flow EAST on Evergreen Drive. Evergreen Drive can be accessed from French Road or Cherryvale Avenue, NO ACCESS will be available at Holland Road. Evergreen Drive is closed to through traffic. It is illegal to drive past a “ROAD CLOSED” sign or to move any construction barricades. Residents, business owners, and customers may access properties past “ROAD CLOSED – LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY” signs. Parking is not permitted on the street, access for drop off and pick up are allowed. Residents should expect additional restrictions due to installation of proposed pavement.


Schedule: June 2019 to October 2019

Project Description:

The proposed project consists of asphalt paving approximately 7,200 square yards. The utilities under the pavement are in good condition and will not require replacement.  This project will include the removal of the existing asphalt and gravel base.  The subgrade will be reshaped and compacted.  Finally, a new gravel base and asphalt pavement will be installed.  Additional work will include rim adjustment of structures and replacement of damaged curb and gutter in spot locations.

Updated Weekly Schedule (September 16th to September 20th)


Creekview Park is located at 900 Harvest Trail in the Village of Little Chute. MCC, Inc. is the General Contractor for the Village asphalt paving contract.  MCC has completed the placement of the asphalt pavement. MCC’s sub-contractor has completed the grading and restoration for all disturbed areas.


Michels Corporation has completed the installation of new gas main and services for We-Energies on Park Avenue. Michels sub-contractor has completed the replacement of disturbed sidewalk, curb & gutter and landscape restoration where necessary.


MCC’s paving crew placed the final surface layer between Buchanan and Wilson Streets last week. Pavement striping was also painted last week bringing project to final completion.

Traffic Impacts: Park Avenue is now open to through traffic with no construction restrictions.


Project Update Monday, June 10th

Project Walk-Thru Dates Have Been Set

West Evergreen Drive – Wednesday, June 12th
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Park Avenue – Wednesday, June 26th
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Bid Documents

To bid on the 2019 utility and street reconstruction projects click the link here and enter the following quest numbers:

Park Avenue Asphalt Paving (2019001)
Quest E-Bid  Doc # 6255729

Evergreen Drive Storm Sewer (2019002)
Quest E-Bid  Doc # 6255906

 Evergreen Drive Concrete Paving (2019003)
Quest E-Bid  Doc # 6255921

West Evergreen Drive

The utility (storm Sewer) and concrete street reconstruction is necessary on West Evergreen Drive to accommodate new development and increased traffic load.  The proposed work includes new concrete pavement with integral curb and gutter, storm sewer, and grass restoration areas. The new pavement on West Evergreen Drive will be comprised of two 12-foot-wide drive lanes and one 14-foot-wide common center turning lane. 

Park Avenue

Asphalt pavement replacement is needed on Park Avenue because it has reached the useful life expectancy of the pavement. Because the utilities are in relatively good condition with curb and gutter requiring only spot repairs it is best to replace the asphalt pavement and not install a 50-year concrete pavement over the ageing infrastructure.  With asphalt being approximately half the cost of concrete at approximately half the life cycle, it is economically more feasible to provide a pavement that will last 20 to 25 years to better match with the utilities life cycle before a total reconstruction is necessary. The existing condition of the asphalt pavement has reached a level where maintenance continues to increase without extending the pavement life.  A pavement overlay is not an option due to the current condition of the pavement and subbase.  To prevent further surface water intrusion and to correct sub-base rutting the pavement will be removed and subbase regraded and compacted prior to placement of granular base material and new asphalt pavement.

Public Informational Meeting – 4/3/19

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Public Hearing - 4/17/19

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WIS 441 Bridge Painting
Project Location:  WIS 441 over Fox River, WIS 96, and Railroad Outagamie County

WISDOT will be conducting a maintenance painting project on the WIS 441 bridge over the Fox River, WIS 96, and Canadian National Railroad. Anticipated work will begin in April 2018.  Work will continue until November 2018 and finish any remaining work in April of 2019.  

WIS 441 will remain open to at least one lane of traffic in each direction at all times during the project.  The single lane closures will be limited to nighttime only from 8:00 pm to 6:00 am.

Thank you for your patience throughout the reconstruction process!