Road Projects


The Village of Little Chute Department of Public Works is constantly undertaking a variety of projects ranging form road construction, water and sewer replacement and storm water management. Throughout the course of the year, road project updates will be available.

Heart of the Valley Metropolitan Sewerage District

The Heart of the Valley Metropolitan Sewerage District (HOVMSD), which serves the village of Little Chute, is moving ahead with plans for a major interceptor rehabilitation project. The project involves installation of a liner inside the pipe that carries sewage to the district’s treatment plant.

The project is needed after recent video inspections of the pipe found extensive surface corrosion, which threatens the longevity of the pipe. The project will allow the interceptor to serve its customers, and area residents and businesses, for decades to come.

Actual project work will begin in the spring of 2023. HOVMSD will provide periodic updates on the project to keep everyone informed of its progress. For more information go to

2022 Village Projects

Cherryvale Avenue Concrete Paving
Main Street Turn Lane and Concrete Crosswalk Replacement
East North Ave - CTH 00 Sanitary Sewer and Water Main
Railroad Quiet Zone
CTH 00 & French Road Signalization
Vandenbroek Pond

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The Village of Little Chute will soon begin construction for concrete paving for the above listed project.  Affected residents were invited to attend a Public Hearing to discuss this project and how it will impact them on Wednesday, March 23rd.  

Power Point presentation from Public Hearing click here.

Frequently Asked Questions from Public Hearing click here.


Project Schedule: To be Completed by August 26th, 2022

Contract Number: 2022005

PROJECT – Railroad Quiet Zone Construction Crossings are in the following locations:

French Road – Washington Street – Depot Street – Rosehill Road

Project Description:

Project includes minor sanitary sewer reconstruction work, 82 linear feet of 15-inch to 30-inch diameter storm sewer, temporary erosion control, concrete median extensions and installations, 325 square yards of asphaltic pavement installation, 1,235 square feet of 4-inch concrete sidewalk, miscellaneous permanent traffic control signage and pavement marking, and 930 square yards of landscaping/restoration of terraces.

ESTIMATED CONSTRUCTION SCHEDULE - (June 27th through July 15th)


Vinton Construction Company is the General Contractor for the construction of the proposed railroad quiet zone safety upgrades. Vinton plans to coordinate project work on all four locations simultaneously to help facilitate project efficiency and schedule. Vinton will begin construction with utility installation, pavement removals, grading, concrete-asphalt paving, and then landscape restoration. Work will then focus on installation of visual safety and/or warning devices such as improved pedestrian crossings, paint striping, traffic warning signs, and traffic channelization devices. Proposed work will follow federal requirements for railroad quiet zone safety implementation.

Traffic Impacts: The Contractor will maintain at least one lane of traffic during construction. Residents will have access to their driveways at the end of each work day, please avoid parking on the street in the construction zones, access for drop off and pick up are allowed. It is illegal to drive past a “ROAD CLOSED” sign or to move any construction barricades. Residents, business owners, and customers may access properties past “ROAD CLOSED – LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY” signs. Residents should expect additional restrictions due to installation of proposed improvements, for your safety as well as those working the area, please use alternate routes to help limit traffic in construction areas when possible.


Project Schedule: March 21st to July 8th, 2022

PROJECT – The Village of Little Chute’s 2021 Vandenbroek Pond Construction is in the following location:

Proposed Pond is located 200 feet northwest of the intersection of W. North Ave. (CTH “OO”) & Vandenbroek Rd.


2021 Vandenbroek Pond Construction, includes 10,500 cubic yards of common excavation, 4,800 square yards of site restoration, 70 cubic yards of concrete pavement, 120 square yards of asphalt pavement, 520 square feet of sidewalk/driveway pavement, 130 lineal feet of 6-inch to 8-inch diameter water main, and 335 lineal feet of 12-inch to 54-inch diameter storm sewer main. Project includes some limited sanitary manhole adjustments, sanitary service removal, and water service removal.

CONSTRUCTION SCHEDULE - (Substantially Complete)


Dorner, Inc. is the General Contractor for the proposed pond construction including the associated utility work. Dorner has completed the utilities, excavation, grading, and landscape restoration for the pond area. Sub-Contractors have also completed the perimeter fencing around the pond, restoration of concrete and asphalt pavements, as well as the landscape and turf restoration in the Village right-of-way. The Pond Project has been substantially completed, there will be miscellaneous, intermittent construction activity to fully complete and/or repair punch list items as needed.

New Concrete Sidewalk Information - Salt

With winter comes snow and ice removal. Besides shoveling or using a snowblower, many sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, and streets are covered in salt to melt ice and snow and make concrete safer. However, using salt on your new concrete could end up harming it.

If your home has a new concrete sidewalk this year due to TDS or AT&T construction do not place salt on it the first year. 

Your new concrete is in its most fragile state the first year after it is poured. It needs time to  cure. settle, and gain strength to avoid breaking or cracking in the future.

Fiber-optic Network Construction

Starting in November 2020 White Construction on behalf of TDS started a fiber to home initiative in the Village of Little Chute.  The fiber-optic network will eventually reach all the Fox Valley area.  Construction started North of 41 in the Streamview Lane, Arts Way, Evergreen Drive area.  Residents will receive communication when work will begin in their area.  One example is the door hanger pictured below.  Work will continue during the winter weather dependent.  Any questions regarding this project call 1-855-259-8576 or visit

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