Fox Valley Metro Police Dept.


200 W. McKinley Avenue
Little Chute, WI 54140




Link: Fox Valley Metro Website

To contact a member's direct line or leave a voicemail..


(920) 687-7094

When prompted, enter the member's extension and press pound (#) key.

For a member's direct extension number, click on that member in the staff directory.


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Meister, Daniel Chief of Police (920)788-7505  
Slotke, Jeremy Captain (920)788-7505  
Ulman, Mark Lieutenant (920)788-7505  
Wery, Mark Lieutenant (920)788-7505  
Slinde, Edmund Lieutenant (920)788-7505  
Vanden Heuvel, Kelly Administrative Manager (920)687-7101  
Diedrick, Fran Police Clerk (920)788-7505  
Armbruster, Kaitlin Police Clerk (920) 788-7505  
Blader, Kaylee Police Officer (920)788-7505  
Boucher, Brady Police Officer (920)788-7505  
Coonen, Jamie Police Officer (920)-788-7505  
Dissen, Duane Police Officer (920)788-7505  
Gostisha, Michael Police Officer (920)788-7505  
Grumann, Michael Police Officer (920)788-7505  
Hietpas, Logan Police Officer (920) 788-7505  
Lefeber, Randall Police School Liaison Officer (Kimberly High School) (920)788-7505  
Marquardt, Tyler Police Officer (920)788-7505  
Maulick, Hunter Police Officer (920) 788-7505  
Mocadlo, Jacob Police Officer (920) 788-7505  
Nett, Jeffrey Police School Liaison Officer (Little Chute Schools) (920)788-7505  
Oster, Laura Police Officer (920)788-7505  
Pynenberg, Sam Police Officer (K-9) (920)788-7505  
Quick, Emma Community Service Officer (920) 788-7505  
Radka, Aaron Police Officer (920) 788-7505  
Schinke, Jack Police Officer (920)788-7505  
Serres, Philip Police Officer (920)788-7505  
Stahmann, Brandon Police School Liaison Officer (Kimberly Schools) (920)788-7505  
Uebelher, Nicholas Investigator (920)788-7505  
Van Schyndel, Scott Investigator (920)788-7505