In addition to patrolling our communities and responding to calls for service, there are some additional services that we provide to our community members...


Project Reassurance is a program designed for seniors who live alone, disabled residents, or anyone else who may require special assistance or care, residing within the villages of Little Chute and Kimberly. This program offers the members and families of the project the reassurance that they or their loved ones are being checked on regularly. The residents involved in the program can feel confident in knowing that their well-being will be checked during regular, non-holiday weekdays. Project Reassurance means different things to each participant. For some, the program is a chance to talk with someone daily. For others, the program is reassurance in knowing that help is available if they cannot get to their phone.

Participants agree to call the staff at Metro on a regular, agreed upon schedule to let us know you are OK. If we do not hear from you when you are supposed to call us, we will call you. If there is no answer, an officer will respond to your residence to check in with you.

For more information about Project Reassurance, please feel free to contact the Fox Valley Metro Police Department at (920)788-7505.

Click HERE to email our Administrative Manager - Kelly Vanden Heuvel for more information or to sign up.

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Child Car Seat Installations & Inspections

Officer Brady Boucher is trained and certified to install and inspect child car seats. Please contact Officer Boucher to schedule an appointment.
Ph.(920)788-7505 Ext. 615

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Vehicle Unlock

Locked your keys inside your vehicle? If the vehicle is located within our jurisdiction we will try to have an officer respond and unlock your vehicle for you. You must sign a waiver form to allow us to do this. 
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