Budget Amendments

As required by Wis. Stats. section 65.90(5)(a), municipalities are required to publish amendments to the municipal budget after approval by the governing body. The Village has chosen the option of publishing such items on the Village website, effective with amendments adopted by the Board beginning in January 2021. Budget amendments are organized by the fiscal year affected (the Village’s fiscal year is the calendar year), and amendments affecting a particular fiscal year may be approved by the Village in the subsequent fiscal year.

Amendments for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2021

01/20/2021January 20, 2021 Budget Adjustment
02/03/2021February 3, 2021 Budget Adjustment
03/17/2021March 17, 2021 Budget Adjustment
04/21/2021April 21, 2021 Budget Adjustment
May 5, 2021 Budget Adjustment
05/20/2021May 19, 2021 Budget Adjustment
May 26, 2021 Budget Adjustment
July 21, 2021 Budget Adjustment

Amendments for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2020

06/25/2020June 25, 2020 Budget Adjustment
07/09/2020July 9, 2020 Budget Adjustment
09/16/2020September 16, 2020 Budget Adjustment
09/23/2020September 23, 2020 Budget Adjustment
09/30/2020September 30, 2020 Budget Adjustment
11/18/2020November 18, 2020 Budget Adjustment