2019 Ordinances and Resolutions

Ordinance No. 01-  Ordinance Amending the Little Chute Design Manual
Ordinance No. 02-  Amending Little Chute Code RE: Parking Fines

Resolution No. 01- Purina Animal Nutrition CSM #260127402
Resolution No. 02- Resolution Amending the Polling Sites for the 2019 Elections
Resolution No. 03- Development Agreement  -  GLK Foods
Resolution No. 04- Kay James VI LLC Protective Covenants on Real Estate at 1275 Eisenhower St.
Resolution No. 05- Approving the 2019 MS4 Permit
Resolution No. 06- Government/Municipal/Public Funds/Banking Resolution
Resolution No. 07- Proclaiming Arbor Day in the Village of Little Chute
Resolution No. 08- Preliminary Assessment/Hookup Fee
Resolution No 09-  Van Handel Homestead CSM#7316
Resolution No.10-   Amending Resolution No. 16, Series 2018
Resolution No. 11-   ETF Wisconsin Health Insurance